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At Deep Roots, we want your inspection experience to give you the peace of mind and confidence to set deep roots with your investment.

We are family run and want all of our clients - past, present, and future - to take comfort in knowing their new investment is going to be a great place to build community, nurture a family, and enjoy the best moments of life!

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Tony Frydenlund
InterNACHI® CPI / Owner



I'm Tony and I started Deep Roots after spending two decades in the residential and commercial construction industries. After experiencing the home inspection process numerous times on my own as a home buyer, I started this company to offer home buyers the opportunity to find peace of mind as they take on what is arguably one of the most mentally and physically exhausting tasks, purchasing a new home.


My years of hands-on, in the field experience in commercial and residential construction have given me the necessary skill set and attention to detail to be able to effectively inspect both residential and commercial properties.  


I enjoy inspecting a variety of property types from apartments and condos, to single family homes, commercial offices, to commercial retail space. We are available to meet your needs, we are available to complete inspections on nights and weekends too. Up and down the Front Range.  We will prepare a thorough report which will give you the confidence you need to negotiate for any improvements and allow you to truly enjoy your new purchase.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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